About me

My name is Rickard Perman and I was born in 1979 and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I started making knives in my early teens but had a holdup during my university years. Restarting knife making meant having an outlet of creativity that I had been missing.


Knife making for me

I spend a lot of time and effort on knife making, not because of money or external demands. I just like to make knives. I love the feeling of creating something with my hands that can be beautiful, useful or both. When the knife is finished, so is my process and I normally sell it. A few knives are kept in my home for a while but normally I sell it, buy more materials and move on to new knives. I don't accept time limits on orders, it will be done when it is done. If you can not wait for it that is ok for me.


I have won a few prices in my years as a knife maker, including best chef knives in Swedish nationals and Nordic championships. I have also won in colaboration knife category and full antler knife. This year I got the "judges choice" award in swedish championships, that's for sure something I am proud of.


My knives vary quite a lot. Sometimes its swords, daggers, hunting knives or folders. I tend to make more and more kitchen knives, probably because that's the most used knife today.


My steels of choice is normally Uddeholm Elmax, a hard powder steel perfect for cutting edges; damasteel that is stainless damascus or handmade damascus in carbon steel. Handles vary from mammoth tusk, fossil walrus to stabilised wood that can really take a beating. 


If you find something interesting on my homepage, or if you are just curious what a special knife just for you, call me or send me an e-mail!


Rickard Perman

Malgomajvägen  11

12060 Årsta


070 5804329